Coopération Locale de Développement Régional(CLODER)

Let's work with the poor to "eradicate poverty and injustice".

Our strategy

CLODER seeks to offer a support of excellence

The human person is sacred and has enormous potential by which it highlights all of his personal and community resources. CLODER is looking for offer a support of excellence through the accompanying, learning, protection of 6/6 oppressed, local leadership development and capacity building vulnerable people to ensure their resilience in the face of poverty and crisis. L's action for community development is reinforced by the local participation and co-operation with private public stakeholders and civil society non-government organizations with similar goals to ensure steady growth


CLODER puts the person at the center of all his programs

Human being is the subject and never is the object or tool of his intervention and refuses to impose his ideas, less again, choking the community development initiative through the offer of donations and the assistance. From the potential of people, CLODER strengthens the capacity that lead to the mobilization of a whole community.

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